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Staff’s Picks – Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

It’s that time of the year! The first look of Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments for 2016! Hallmark never disappoints with their beautiful ornaments that capture a variety of sentiments! From Baby’s 1st Christmas to new home to friendships, family and fun – there’s a perfect ornament for everyone!

Our staff has a few favorites!

ornament 16 terryTeri loves the magic cord ornaments and is working on her third ornament for her magic cord collection. Her favorite ornament this year is “Winter Wonderland”. She loves the detail of this ornament & how all the magic cord ornaments brighten up her tree!


ornament 16.maggieMaggie’s favorite ornament is the “Beautiful Birdhouse”. She thinks it is a beautiful ornament and just by looking at it, she can feel the joy of Christmas. Maggie loves winter and this ornament reminds her of a snowy, wintery scene. It’s a first in series ornament and she thinks it would be fun to start her first series ornament collection with this ornament.

ornament 16 mindyMindy’s favorite Keepsake ornament is one of the new miniature ornaments. She loves “A Tasty Treat”. This is also a first in series ornament. Everyone at Mindy’s house loves penguins and she thinks this would be the perfect series to start for her son.


ornament 16 beccaBecca loves the “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” ornament. Becca and her Mom always sing this song together when it comes on the radio during the holidays. She says she cherishes special moments with her family. She has already purchased this ornament to give to her Mom as a Christmas gift but ssshhhh, don’t tell her Mom. It’s a surprise!

ornament 16 baileyBailey’s favorite Keepsake ornament is “Moo-ey Christmas”. She really likes the cow on this ornament and thinks it’s super cute that the cow is reading a book to the chickens!


ornament 16 brianna 2Brianna’s favorite ornament is “Ama La Vida”. She likes this ornament because she feels life is precious and we should appreciate everything in our lives because life is too short. She also has a real passion for the Hispanic culture and loves that this ornament is part of the Sinceramente collection.

ornament 16 abbyAbby loves the “All Things are Possible” Keepsake ornament. The ornament says “Faith Makes All Things Possible” and she completely agrees with this sentiment. She thinks the ornament is simple yet meaningful at the same time. The message that it portrays is what she loves most about this ornament.

ornament 16 alyssa 2Alyssa’s favorite ornament is “Forever Remembered”. It reminds her that her Grandma and Aunt, who have passed away, are still here with her during the holiday season.

What’s your favorite Keepsake ornament? Stop by the store and let us know!

And don’t forget that Ornament Premiere is Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10.

A Few of Our Favorite Ornaments – Troy edition

We’re getting ready for Ornament Premiere this weekend by sharing our staff’s favorite Keepsake Ornament picks!

We highlighted Cottleville staff’s picks first and now we have the Troy’s staff favorite Ornaments.

ornament 15.troy.oliviaOlivia’s favorite ornament is “Holiday Barbie”. Olivia’s parents purchased several of these ornaments for her when she was a child. She’s glad that Barbie is back in the Hallmark family and is looking forward to starting this new series! (If you’ve been collecting this series. There is a duo Celebration Barbie ornament set enabling you to catch-up on the 2 years you missed!)

ornament 15.troy.kallie“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is Kallie’s favorite ornament this year. Kallie picked this ornament because it reminds her of summer and every year her family goes to the beach. She also loves the song!

ornament 15.troy.eileenEileen chose “The Western Tanager” as her favorite ornament. She thinks the artwork and design are exceptional and the cloisonné workmanship on this ornament is beautiful. She think this ornament could be displayed past the Christmas season.

ornament 15.troy.jennJenn’s favorite Keepsake ornament is “Puppy Love!”. This ornament reminds Jenn of her dog and she says she is EXTREMELY obsessed with her dog. I bet she has a few pictures of her dog that she would love to show you.

ornament“The Santa Yoga!” is Joy’s favorite ornament. She thinks this ornament is adorable and Joy is a huge fan of yoga. Can’t you just see Santa doing a few yoga moves once he returns from his Christmas deliveries?

ornament 15.troy.tanyaTanya’s favorite ornament this year is the “Christmas Commemorative”.  This is the third ornament in the series. Tanya loves that this ornament has a traditional look.

Don’t forget that Ornament Premiere is this Saturday & Sunday. You’ll receive 100 Crown Reward bonus points for every ornament you purchase this weekend plus an additional 2,000 Crown Reward bonus points when you purchase 10 or more ornaments.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlus, you’ll receive a FREE Tote bag with your $30 or more Keepsake Ornament purchase. Bring the tote bag back the week of July 20 and receive 20% off everything that will fit inside!

Hope to see you this weekend!

A Few of Our Favorite Ornaments – Cottleville edition

Keepsake Ornament Premiere is this weekend and we have been busy getting ready for the event! The temperatures may be rising outside but inside our front wall is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

All the Keepsake ornaments are beautiful! But Dee, from our staff, thinks everyone needs to come in and see the bright colors of the ornaments in person. She doesn’t think the Dreambook accurately depicts the colors & fun of the Keepsake ornaments.

We wanted to share a few of our Cottleville staff’s favorite ornaments.

ornament 15.cott.teriTeri’s favorite ornament is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!” She’s collected all of these and just thinking about this ornament will get her started humming the song!

ornament 15.cott.amanda“In The Great Green Room” is Amanda’s favorite ornament.  And you’ll recognize this scene from the famous children’s book, “Good Night Moon”. Amanda has three children and remembers countless nights rocking them and reading this book. It brings back memories of tiny little faces watching her read this classic story.

ornament 15.cott.maggieMaggie’s favorite ornament is the “Sweet Sisters” ornament. Maggie thinks it’s too cute & she loves her sister! She thinks it would make a great gift to show her sister how much she cares for her!

ornament 15.cott.haleighHaleigh chose “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” as her favorite ornament this year. She thinks this ornament is funny because her stepmom loves 80’s music and is always feeding squirrels in their backyard. There are six girls in her family and they all just want to have fun!

ornament 15.cott.deeDee’s favorite ornament is “Once Upon a Christmas”.  This is the fifth ornament in this series. Dee thinks having this ornament hanging on her tree with Santa talking about his bag full of toys would be a delight for all her grandchildren to hear.

ornament 15.cott.brianna“Ariel’s Thingamabobs” is Bri’s favorite Keepsake ornament. Ariel is Bri’s favorite princess and she loves the song “Part of Your World.” She claims she sings it just like Ariel. So the next time you’re in the store, ask Bri to sing you a couple of lines from the song!

ornament 15.cott.cathyCathy’s favorite ornament is “C-3P0 & R2-D2”. It reminds Cathy of taking her kids to see the first Star Wars movie. She remembers watching their faces in the movie theater as they watched the movie on the big screen especially when they saw Darth Vader – which also happens to be Cathy’s second favorite ornament.

ornament 15.cott.jessicaJessica loves the ornament “Ralphie Cleans Up!”. When Jessica was looking through the Dreambook she stumbled across this ornament and it made her laugh. Her Mom used to give Jessica and her sister soap when they would smart off! She says that now, thankfully, they don’t get soap anymore!

ornament 15.cott.emilyEmily’s favorite ornament is “Santa Yoga”. She can just imagine Santa enjoying some Yoga to unwind from the hectic Christmas season! She thinks this would be a fun ornament for any Christmas tree!

ornament 15.cott.amy“A Day at the Beach” is Amy’s favorite Keepsake ornament. Amy thinks the glass jar with the cork lid looks so beachy and fun. The inscription on the bottle, “My Heart is at the Beach”, describes Amy perfectly so it would be the perfect addition to her family’s Christmas tree.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Saturday & Sunday, you’ll receive a FREE tote with your $30 or more Keepsake ornament purchase. Bring your tote bag back the week of July 20 and receive 20% off everything that will fit in the tote!

Plus, this weekend you’ll receive 100 Crown Reward bonus points for each ornament purchase and an additional 2,000 Crown Reward bonus points for every 10 ornaments you purchase.

What is your favorite Keepsake Ornament this year? Stop by the store and let us know!


Keepsake Ornaments – Troy’s Staff Favorites!

Last week we highlighted the Cottleville staff favorite Keepsake ornaments. If you missed it, you can read it here . Now we’re going to highlight Troy’s favorite picks!

Amber’s favoornament.amberrite Keepsake ornament is “Time to Fly” because of the quote “the best is yet to come” on the ornament. That’s a saying that Amber often tells herself so even on a bad day she knows the best is yet to be!



Jennifer loves the “I Melt” ornament becauseornament.jennifer it’s a little country s’more snowman that plays the “I Melt” song by Rascal Flats. This ornament combines all the things that Jennifer loves – Rascal Flatts, s’mores, and country!



Kallie & Oliviaornament.kallie share the same favorite ornament and it’s sure to be a favorite of many others! They love the Olaf ornament! Kallie loves the movie & Olaf was her favorite character. Olivia loves watching “Frozen” with her niece and thinks this will be a perfect addition to her tree!



Stephanie’s favorite Keepsake ornament is “I want you to Want Me”. She can’t believe that anyone wouldn’t like a singing chubby elephant in a box! She also likes the Cheap Trick song.



And, finally, ornament.tanyaTanya’s favorite ornament is the Christmas Commemorative. It’s the second ornament in the series. She likes that it celebrates the year and reminds her of the original Hallmark ornaments.


Stop by the store and let us know your favorite Keepsake ornament. If you turn in your Keepsake Ornament wish list in by June 30, you will receive a free tumbler, a coupon for 25% off your next visit and 500 Crown Rewards bonus points!

And don’t forget that Ornament Premiere is July 12 & 13!



Keepsake Ornaments – Cottleville’s Staff Picks!


It’s Keepsake Ornament Premiere time! And with the date just a few weeks away, I thought I would share our St. Charles (Cottleville) staff’s favorite ornaments!


ornament.cott.teri 2 ornament.cott.teri“Friends are Family Too” and “Sweet On You” are two of Teri’s favorite ornaments. She loves that the ornaments are a great way to let people know that they are special to you.


ornament.cott.amanda 2

Amanda lovornament.cott.amandaes “Zipping Through the Snow”. She has a Hallmark Christmas coloring book from when she was young girl and this ornament has the same Santa face as in the coloring book. She’s been a Hallmark girl from the beginning and it brings back good memories. She also likes Marjolein’s First in Series – Simple Gifts.


ornament.cott.deeDee thinks there is always a Hallmark ornament that sends a special message to a special person. This year, “You’re Amazing, Girl” is her favorite ornament  for her daughter who juggles being a wife, mom and teacher.



Emily’s fornament.cott.emilyavorite is “One Like No Other” because of the personal sentiment it holds. Having a Mother who has battled breast cancer twice, it’s a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. She thinks Hallmark Keepsake ornaments are great because they send a special message to everyone.



It may be simple but Amy’s favorite ornament  is “Anchored in Faith” because it reminds everyone of what the holiday is about. She also thinks it looks “beachy” and she loves the beach!



And, Beth… well,ornament.cott.beth Beth couldn’t pick just one. In fact, she picked thirteen! She loves all the Hallmark ornaments and thinks the ornaments signify either great memories or happy thoughts for the future. One of her favorites is “Baby Mine”.  You’ll have to stop by and ask her to point out her other twelve favorites!


What’s your favorite Keepsake ornament? Drop off your ornament wish list by June 30 and you’ll receive a free tumbler, a coupon for 25% off your next visit, and 500 Crown Rewards bonus points.

Mark your calendars for our Ornament Premiere on July 12 & 13! Stay tuned, we’ll bring you the Troy staff’s favorite picks next week!