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A Few of our Favorite Things…

Christmas is at the end of the week! Can you believe it’s almost here? Why does the month of December move faster than any other month on the calendar?

If you still need to finish off your Christmas shopping list, stop by and take the Christine’s Christmas Challenge – we’ll help you find a gift for everyone on your list!

Here are a few of our favorite things in the store right now…

emily leg.pineappleEmily Ley Planner. Getting yourself organized is a great way to start out the new year! Emily Ley is a popular lifestyle blogger & she believes that the easiest way to simplify your life is by writing it all down – your schedule, your “to do” list, dinner schedule, short-term goals, long-tern goals and even your hopes and dreams. This planner has plenty of room to capture all of these things!

vera preppy poly finalVera Bradley Preppy Poly. Preppy Poly is a new nylon fabrication introduced by Vera Bradley. Available in black, red and toast this lightweight bag is also water-resistant. It has all the organization of Vera Bradley’s original bags but with a sleek updated look that will go with any outfit!

corkcicle 2Corkcicle Canteens & Tumblers. These triple insulated stainless steel cups will keep your drinks warm or cold longer than it will take you to consume your beverage! It even passes the “summer car test” – a cold drink will still be cold after sitting in your car all day on a hot summer day. Available in canteen or travel mug style and a variety of sizes and colors. It soon will be your favorite “go-to” cup.

hallmark adult coloring bookAdult Coloring Books. Yes, it’s a trend but sometimes there is a reason for an item becoming a trend. This is not your kids’ coloring books. These books have intricate designs that will help take the edge off any stressed adult. The finished product will even be frame-worthy! A variety of designs are available.

Hope you’ll stop by and let us know what your new favorite thing is in our store!

Your Daily Calendar – Paper or Tech?

A new trend in the agenda market is really an old one. The resurgence of the paper agenda to keep your daily schedule is making a huge comeback!

Even though every smartphone has a calendar that you can easily access and there are numerous apps out there to help schedule your family activities, many still choose to use the old fashion way of keeping track of their daily calendar – pen and paper.

vera agenda 2Some studies show that the act of writing helps you remember things better. Some feel being able to “see” the calendar in front of them helps to better visualize & remember their schedule. Finding an agenda with a pretty layout makes the activity of “writing it all down” even more pleasing!

Using different colored pens for each family member or “type” of activity on your calendar also helps to better visualize and keep track of all your family members or the many activities your trying to juggle. Washi tape, stickers and sticvera gel pensky notes can help track important activities.

A paper agenda can also be used as a journal to document an important milestone; a funny memory of one of your kids; or your goals & dreams for the upcoming year. Looking through an old agenda is always a good reminder of how far you have come!

So, what’s the best paper agenda? There are so many to choose from that there isn’t one choice that will fit everyone’s needs. Lucky for you we carry a variety of agendas!

Emily Ley creemily ley agendaated a planner to organize her hectic life. She thinks the easiest way to simplify your life is to take pen to paper and have a plan! Her wide open pages enable you to track many activities, family members, dinner planning and your weekly to do list!


Vera Bradley offers a variety of agendas in differevera agenda 1nt patterns, sizes and styles. Fun quotes and pictures are sprinkled throughout to keep you smiling your entire week! Vera Bradley’s pretty patterns keep the pages looking beautiful while you fill it up with all of your activities.

lilly agenda 16One of our most popular agendas is from Lilly Pulitzer. Her iconic patterns grace the cover and pages of these agendas but there is still plenty of room to keep track of your daily schedule. And Lilly has every size agenda to fit your need! You can purchase Lilly agendas on our website here.


happy everything agenda 2016 1The newest addition to our agenda collection is the Happy Everything agenda. This agenda wants to sprinkle a little happy into every week with inspiring quotes, colorful graphics and plenty of space to track your weekly to do list along with your everyday appointments. The Happy Everything agenda can be purchased here.

The year is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about getting organized for 2016! If you haven’t tried a paper agenda, maybe it’s time to start a new habit. We’re happy to help you find the perfect agenda to keep your daily life organized and productive!

vera agenda 2016vera agenda 2016vera agenda 2016