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Build it, and they will come.

gnsl april 2014 007

Welcome to our website! and blog!! We’ve wanted a website for a long time and we’re thrilled that we finally have one. We started thinking about this two years ago. We met with a couple of people & felt completely overwhelmed. We had no idea what we wanted, who to go with, how to do it so off to the backburner it went!

Last summer, we decided enough was enough. We needed a website and by the end of the year, we were going to finalize a website designer. We spent a couple of days going all around St. Louis meeting with a bunch of firms & walked away still not knowing what to do. Everyone we met with was qualified but no one that we were excited to work with on the project.

Then we thought back to someone we met with two years ago, we liked her and her firm but WE just weren’t ready. We gave her a call, met with her & before the meeting even ended, we knew she was the one. Enter Kelli and cdkweb. We felt like she got  us. We loved her energy and knew that she would help us build a great website. YAY!! We had a website designer!

To help us zero in our vision for the website, Kelli did an exercise that she described as similar to going to the eye doctor. Showing us a variety of pictures, she would ask “do you like this one or this one better?”. We weren’t sure what some of the pictures even had to do with a website but we played along. Then she had a series of words & we had to pick what words best described our vision for the website. Off Kelli went & a few weeks later this beautiful site came back to us. It was like magic! (I don’t think Kelli would describe it that way!) We loved it!

We made a few tweaks, found a bunch of photographs and did some writing and our website was ready to go! We hope you like it as much as we do. We’ll keep updating it and I’m sure it will grow and change over time but we think it’s off to a great start.

This little blog is where we hope to talk with you about what we’re thinking about, planning for and getting done at the store.  Who knows who you’ll hear from but we hope to keep it fun & exciting.

Thanks for stopping by!